Many foreigners have very vague idea about Russia, let alone about eco-tourism in this country. Some questions are rising from obvious, such as «What is the best way to get to Kamchatka?», «How long the entire trip will take?», «Do I need a visa?», to funny ones, such as «Is it true that all Russians drink vodka, it is always a lot of snow and the wild bears walk in the Red Square?».

Below we’ve summarized the most popular questions we receive along with our brief answers to them. If you haven’t found the answers on your specific question, contact our staff in Russia or Holland and will be happy to assist you.


What is the easiest way to get to Kamchatka?

The most obvious way is to fly via Moscow or St. Petersburg. However, there are also flights from Beijin and charters from Japanese cities (during the summer). Contact us and we will help you to arrange the best itinerary for your case.

Do you provide transfer services in Moscow?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of professionals who can meet you at one airport and  transfer you to another. Should you wish to stay in Moscow overnight before your flight to Kamchatka, we will book you the hotel. Also we can arrange customized sightseeingtours in Moscow and/or St. Petersburg. 

Can you support with visas and flights?

Yes, we provide the invitation letters necessary for applying for Russian visas. We also can consult you regarding the entire procedure.

Are there any possibilities to get cheaper flights to Kamchatka?

Yes! There are special periods of the year, when the airlines make promotion actions. If you plan your trip in advance - there are some opportunities to buy the tickets cheaper. Contact us and we will explore all possible options.