For sure, Kamchatka is among top 10 places of the most beautiful places of the Wild Nature in the world. In addition, the unique people - are those, who help discover this wonderful place for newcomers, feel the unity with nature and «reload» the brains. After such trips the world outlook changes, new genius thoughts come, you feel so much energy, that you are ready to achieve everything in this life! Kamchatka impressions will remain in memory forever! Thank you for arranging our trips!


It is not the first time when we visited Kamchatka. The Zhupanov River - it is a miracle! Huge fish, comfortable camps, delicious food, professional guides... We had our trip in August - caught silver salmon (maximum weight 7,2 kg) and uncountable number of char... The most important thing was that we were alone on that river! No disturbance from local fishermen and other tourist groups. EcoTourism - perfect service! Look forward for our next year’s trip to Kamchatka!