The City of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi is located on the shores of Avacha Bay in the Pacific Ocean. The geographical co-ordinates are N 53°01´, E 158°39´. Height above sea level – 150 m. Distance to Moscow - 11 900 km. Flight time – approx. 9 hours. Time zone MAGT, +12 часов relative to the Universal Coordinated Time (UCT), +8 hours relative to Moscow time. Territory – 361,9 sq. km. Population of the city – 194,4 thousand. Temperate marine climate. August is the warmest summer month with an average temperature of +12.4 degrees centigrade, January is the coldest month with an average temperature of - 7.7 degrees centigrade. Atmosphere precipitation largely occurs during autumn-winter period. One of the most seismically active places on the planet. Certain probability rate of tsunamis. During volcano eruption pumice shower is likely.



Main sector of economy – commercial catch of fish and seafood and processing.

Mining of nickel, silver, gold, platinum deposits.

The Sea of Okhotsk shelf development for natural gas has commenced.

Centre of global volcanology.

Tourism is one of the fast developing sectors of economy. The main area is ecotourism.

Commercial seaport was founded in the year 1943, cargo turnover of 1 million ton. Open for year-round navigation. Capable of handling ships with a draft of up to 9 meters.

“Yelizovo” international airport located 29 kilometers from the city. Receives aircraft of any type.

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