At what time of year is best to visit Kamchatka? This question is only one answer: Kamchatka is beautiful in any season, so stay in these parts is possible all year round.

14. Fishing on the Zhupanov River: maximum trophies and comfortable base

Tour season – from July 1 till October 10.
This is the biggest river flowing into the Kronotsk Bay in the Pacific Ocean. Numerically the strongest among river populations is Kamchatka steelhead (rainbow trout) weighing over 8 kg. Five species pacific salmons spawn here. Experienced guides, skillfully driving American water-jet boats. Successful catch is guaranteed! Comfortable conditions at the base provide every opportunity for excellent recreation. More

15. Fishing & Rafting on the Zhupanov River. Rainbow trout and salmon

Tour season - from July 10 up to September 15.
The Zhupanov River is Kamchatka’s first river to have been dedicated almost entirely to sport fishing. This river is the most interesting one for rafting throughout the Peninsula. Thanks to the remote location, the river banks still remain untroubled by civilization. It is the spawning grounds of arctic salmon, grayling, Sakhalin char, silver salmon, king salmon and big Kamchatka steelhead (rainbow trout) More

16. Fishing for King salmon on the Bolshaya River

Tour dates - from June 1 to July 20.
The Bolshaya River is located on the western coast of the central Kamchatka Peninsula. It is noted for excellent fishing for king salmon which is the biggest salmon in the Pacific Ocean: 20 kilogram trophies are not infrequent in these areas. A warm and comfortable wooden house, located by the side of amazingly beautiful river channels, will be at your disposal. More

17. Slow and rapid rafting down the Bystryi River

Tour season - from June 1 till October 20
The Bystryi River is the second longest river in Kamchatka. King salmon (40.000 species), red salmon (300.000 species), humpback salmon (20 million species), dog salmon (100.000 species), silver salmon, migratory Arctic char, grayling, Kamchatka steelhead and Sakhalin char (200.000 species), Kamchatka salmon come to this River for spawning. More

18. The Opala River: Fishing and rafting with view of volcano

Tour season - from July 1 to October 10.
The Opala River is a mountain one and is among Kamchatka’s most important salmon spawning streams. It has rapid of complexity class II-III. Overall rafting distance ranges between 100 and 135 km. All species of Kamchatka salmons enter that River. It is removed from inhabited areas and road network (helicopter delivery to the route). More

19. Каmchatka grayling – craftiest of all fishes

Tour season - from July 1 to September 30.
The Elovka River flows in the central Kamchatka. All the six species of the Pacific salmon spawn in its streams (king salmon, salmon trout, red salmon, dog salmon, silver salmon, humpback salmon). The Elovka river is exceptionally abundant in excellent grayling. Transfer to the base on the Elovka River is done by car which significantly reduces the cost of the trip. More

20. Sea fishing, Kamchatka halibut

Halibut is the biggest species of flatfish, most valuable commercial fish. Sea fishing for halibut (additional catch - red fish, flatfish, codfish, rock trout, king crab, sea-urchin) is a fine sea travel experience generating unforgettable impressions. The journey goes further towards the Pacific Ocean alongside the eastern coast of Kamchatka with view of birds colonies, whales, sea otter, sea lions. More

21. Winter fishing: Silver salmon and char

Tour season - from December 15 to April 20
Lake Golyginsk is located in a most attractive place in the southern Kamchatka. Winter fishing in this lake offers an unique opportunity to catch silver salmon locally called “molokan”, an extraordinary Kamchatka fish salmon species that has adapted for a life in fresh water. Apart from silver salmon your catch may include char and Kamchatka steelhead. More

Fish catalogue

Kamchatka fish description. More