Ski & Snowboard

At what time of year is best to visit Kamchatka? This question is only one answer: Kamchatka is beautiful in any season, so stay in these parts is possible all year round.

11. Heli Skiing «Five Volcanoes» in Kamchatka

The Avachin and Koryak Volcanoes are a peculiar visiting card of Kamchatka. They are the first to meet travelers and due to the proximity to the city (only 50 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk City) they are called “home volcanoes”. More

12. Kamchatka alpine skiing tour (budget option)

Kamchatka is the most beautiful region of the world. 80% of the territory is covered by mountains. Thanks to long and snowy winter, alpine skiing season at Kamchatka resorts extends from December to June. More