Spring, Summer, Autumn

At what time of year is best to visit Kamchatka? This question is only one answer: Kamchatka is beautiful in any season, so stay in these parts is possible all year round.

1. Spring in Kamchatka. Tour of health and beauty

Aren’t you dreaming to enjoy your long-awaited rest, get away from it all, forget about hustle and bustle of cities, smog and stress? Wouldn’t you like to stay at least a week in oneness with primeval nature, not just breathe in but rather imbibe the purest mountain air, contemplate wondrously beautiful scenery – a dream that cannot come true for most people, but not for you since you know where to go in spring – to Kamchatka thermal springs. More

2. Kamchatka spring: the awakening of nature

Lake Kuril is famous for being the world’s most significant spawning ground of red salmon. That is the reason why this place attracts in spring a great many (over 200 animals) species of brown bear that wish to refresh themselves after a long winter hibernation. River otters and foxes commonly found in this area willingly feed on salmon as well. An unparalleled number of big predator birds gather on that lake, too: Steller's sea eagles, white-tailed eagles, golden eagles. More

3. The Commander Islands in the ocean. Helicopter tour

The Commander Islands were discovered by Vitus Jonassen Bering during the second Kamchatka expedition. This unique nook of our planet is called the land of winds and fogs. The islands are renowned for their mild climate and are a veritable paradise for birds and marine mammals. Have you ever been to a colony of birds? Thousands of sea birds nestling along the rocky shores, bring out nestlings, fight for a piece territory or fish and screech endlessly. More

4. Kamchatka volcanoes, fishing and rafting

The Karym Volcano, one of Kamchatka’s most active volcanoes, has erupted not less than 20 times over the last 100 years. When the last eruption occurred, a lake was literally boiling at the foot of the volcano and turned from a freshwater body full of life forms into the biggest natural reservoir of acid water. The Mutnov Volcano is just as interesting with hot springs issuing at the foot of the volcano called Dachny Hot Springs. They are sometimes called “The Small Valley of Geysers”. More

5. All Kamchatka wonders in one tour

Tours to The Klyuchev Volcano - the highest active volcano on the Eurasian continent. The Shyveluch Volcano is the northernmost active volcano in Kamchatka. The Valley of Geysers is the most beautiful spot on the peninsula. The Pacific Ocean is the largest on the planet. All of these stunning unheard-of wonders along with overwhelming Kamchatka nature will unfold before your eyes and will remain in your heart forever. More

6. Wild bears on the Kuril Lake, hot volcanoes

Trip to the Kuril Lake – excursion to the real host of this wonderful land the Kamchatka Bear who has no natural enemies. There is a good reason to call Kamchatka the land of bears: 6% of the global brown bear population inhabits this particular area. So, get your cameras ready and create an amazing story: the brown giant will be posing for you. How about witnessing the birth of the planet? Set out on a journey to the volcanoes and you will see what it is all about. More

7. Unexplored lands of Kamchatka with the best guides

A good camera is a must in this tour as you may never again see anything of the kind. You may find yourself at the time of creation of the world when acid lakes were boiling, when the earth was fuming and rumbling and your feet were overshoe in the real lunar soil. It is with good reason that Moon and Mars rovers were tested here. More

8. Kamchatka volcanoes, fishing and rafting (budget)

Whoever visits the Kamchatka peninsula will certainly be touched by that wonderful land. How can one remain indifferent viewing the majestic fumy mountains, crystal clear rivers abounding in most delicious kinds of fish, incredibly powder-blue acidic lake found inside the crater of the Gorelyi volcano, the powerful and beckoning Pacific Ocean? More