Winter tours

At what time of year is best to visit Kamchatka? This question is only one answer: Kamchatka is beautiful in any season, so stay in these parts is possible all year round.

9. New Year at Kamchatka! In the Valley of Geysers!

Want to get ahead of the entire world? Then welcome in the New Year ahead of everyone else on the planet at the foot of volcanoes amidst surreally beautiful landscapes and pristine nature. Joyful clever sled dogs will carry you over the expanse of crisp new year snow. Bathing in hot thermal springs, fireworks and masquerade More

10. Winter tour to Kamchatka. Village of Esso

In the very centre of the Kamchatka Peninsula there is a unique reserve area “Kamchatka Switzerland” registered as a UNESCO World Nature Heritage site. A variety of recreational activities like skiing and snowmobile riding, traditional sled dog racing, contrast snow therapy (snow massage + thermal bath) continue up until mid-June. More